Bass Fishing Wexford
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Popular with lure and fly angler’s is my Galia 440 fitted with a mercury 40 Horsepower, with it’s open deck, Bulky beam it’s very easy to launch and load from different slipway’s around Co. Wexford.  It give’s us access to some great offshore mark’s and offshore tidal rip’s that fish well for Bass on neap tide’s with lure, + fly.                                                             A big positive is that it’s a great option if bad weather has made the onshore fishing very difficult, we can go offshore with better chance’s of meeting fish, It’s a great option for visiting angler’s during their stay, maximum 3 angler’s per session, usually 6 hours.   As with shore guiding, decades of experience has shown me which mark’s to fish at the different tide stage’s to make the most of your session.   We will be drifting over strong tidal flow’s, trolling lure’s, soft-plastic’s, and live-bait in search of bass, + sea-trout.    031

My Linder 410 is often used in shore angling to access isolated sandbank’s, estuaries, and offshore mark’s.  The main outboard is a yamaha 5hp and is well up for the job, also fitted with a forward mounted electric daiwa 55lb thrust, it’s great for traversing very shallow water with a silent approach, absolutely essential to anglers in the right place to cover fish, especially with Fly.

                     Life jacket’s are supplied and must be worn at all time’s on board both vessel’s, all My safety orders to be obeyed at all times!!

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  1. Hello sean, how are you? I think with dis boat sébastien come again ….

    Thank you for photos, lovely house, put to your calandar SEPTEMBER for us!!!!

    regard . see you soon…..


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