Bass Fishing Wexford


August 10th, 2018


Memorable theatre, summed up a sight fishing session early July, you couldn’t have made it up. Perfect conditions for sight fishing, no wind, slack tides, the sun blazed as I slipped on my wellies, grabbed the rod, & headed for a spot where I spotted 5/6 bass the day before when I’d been just walking/spotting, …[ read more ]

July 20th, 2018
Bass conservation


A booklet from the IFI      …[ read more ]

Two recaptures of tagged Wexford bass came lately from the same locations where they were originally tagged, the first was a Marine Institute fish, tag no. IRL 0151 , tagged 19-4-16 @51.5cm, recaptured 29-6-18 @53cm           The second was B.02643 tagged by myself 22-6-17 @54cm, recaptured 4-7-18 @57cm, going by feedback from …[ read more ]

June 15th, 2018
Walk This Way


Yep, there’s many paths you can take with bass fishing that echo the many traits in it’s behavior, the last few years I’ve put some time into sight fishing for them in the upper reaches of estuary systems where a decent population of bass reside during a certain period as they actively, & aggressively seek …[ read more ]

June 1st, 2018


I set myself a target this year of a 100 bass on the fly before my bass guiding got busy from mid June,& going fairly well to plan but was on a bit of a downer after fishing hard on a mark that threw up a lot of decent fish on the full moon tide …[ read more ]

May 24th, 2018
Into Gear…..


The coast has been getting into gear the last week or two with water temps coming back in line, I’ve been enjoying my Sojourn’s with Fly through the spring (when it came) with Sea-Trout, & recently with Bass, Sandeels have been scarce enough so far compared to other years, but I’ve seen an increase in …[ read more ]

May 3rd, 2018
No Surrender


The last week in April on the Wexford coast was very unforgiving for anglers, let alone fly anglers, with water temp still below average, strong water cooling winds changing direction up to three times a day, squally showers creating havoc dumping down heavy rain, large volumes of cold dirty water stalking the coast, it was …[ read more ]

March 16th, 2018
If the cap fit’s….


I doubt if there’s any creature let alone a fish that has as many different names, or alias’s as the Sea trout (Salmo Trutta), almost every region has a different name on them, far too numerous to list, but Sea run Brown is probably the most appropriate name for them considering the life cycle, & …[ read more ]

March 1st, 2018

image   Some interesting info in the download (Technical Report), but there’s still a lot we don’t know, & probably never will….They will still carry much of their “Mystique” for some time yet, which holds a lot charm, & intrigue for me at least.…[ read more ]

With the dawn of the Sea-Trout season on the horizon (Mar 17) its time to start preparing for the challenge ahead.  By no means an easy target, with many sessions more of a pilgrimage, that will test an anglers mettle to the limit.                         …[ read more ]

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