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May 3rd, 2018
No Surrender


The last week in April on the Wexford coast was very unforgiving for anglers, let alone fly anglers, with water temp still below average, strong water cooling winds changing direction up to three times a day, squally showers creating havoc dumping down heavy rain, large volumes of cold dirty water stalking the coast, it was …[ read more ]

March 16th, 2018
If the cap fit’s….


I doubt if there’s any creature let alone a fish that has as many different names, or alias’s as the Sea trout (Salmo Trutta), almost every region has a different name on them, far too numerous to list, but Sea run Brown is probably the most appropriate name for them considering the life cycle, & …[ read more ]

March 1st, 2018

image   Some interesting info in the download (Technical Report), but there’s still a lot we don’t know, & probably never will….They will still carry much of their “Mystique” for some time yet, which holds a lot charm, & intrigue for me at least.…[ read more ]

With the dawn of the Sea-Trout season on the horizon (Mar 17) its time to start preparing for the challenge ahead.  By no means an easy target, with many sessions more of a pilgrimage, that will test an anglers mettle to the limit.                         …[ read more ]

This week(21 Feb 2014) a century ago south Wexford was plunged into much sorrow, and mourning at the tragic loss of life of the nine lifeboat crew of the “Helen Blake” from Fethard, and one of the crew of the “Mexico” who died from exposure on the south Keeragh island during their 3 day ordeal, …[ read more ]

December 23rd, 2017


As the Sun sets on another season/year we reflect on the past one, & look forward to the next, new EU regs for 2018 are total catch, & release   I doubt if you’ll here any genuine C&R angler complaining, but horses for courses I guess… Working away from home at the moment, & only managing …[ read more ]

November 10th, 2017
Nov Fix


The Sun shone, the big girls came, & went….Catch & Release.…[ read more ]

November 3rd, 2017
The Cobra strikes….


As Ireland returns to normality after the storms, scandals, strikes, etc….The sea is also coming back into form, temp still very good 13.7 c, yesterday (2-11-17), slightly up on this time last year when we had good fishing right through until the end of December, & mostly with surface lures, namely the Cobra.  Pugachev’s Cobra …[ read more ]

October 21st, 2017
Post Ophelia


A few images from around south Wexford after Ophelia’s passing, many areas are still without electricity, water, broadband at the time of writing…….   Cattle forage kelp between the high, & low water marks at Cullenstown.  A wave of 17.81m was recorded at Met buoy 5 located approx 56km south of Hook Head. Some property damage …[ read more ]

October 13th, 2017
Rat pack


Very prevalent this year are juvenile bass in the 30-40cm bracket, according to scaling data most were spawned in 2012 making the majority around five years old for this year class.  Only time will tell of course but early signs point to a decent year class. But it’s good to see them all same, there …[ read more ]

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