Bass Fishing Wexford

August 10th, 2018


Memorable theatre, summed up a sight fishing session early July, you couldn’t have made it up. Perfect conditions for sight fishing, no wind, slack tides, the sun blazed as I slipped on my wellies, grabbed the rod, & headed for a spot where I spotted 5/6 bass the day before when I’d been just walking/spotting, sure enough at the first patch of Bladderwrack  I seen the tail of a lone wolf sticking out from under it, just before it thrust itself deeper into it as it caught the scent/sight of a moulting shore crab, the weed bulged on the surface as the fish exited seemingly empty mouthed, not showing any signs of swallowing, gulping…..    BassFishingWexford    I waited to see it’s next move, it headed on to the next clump of weed, & settled in the shade. The scene was set as I crept into position with crab lure at the ready, “What can go wrong now” I thought to myself, the crab landed perfectly well away from the target, as I was reeling back the slack from the cast to draw the crab into view of the target bass a small boil came up at the lure, “Spooked Mullet” was my instant thought, but no a “Schoolie” had seized the crab!  BFW  ( Now on some of my first forays with the crab lure I’d seen “Schoolies” attack the legs, & claws trying to pull them off, but no hook ups which I wasn’t too bothered about anyway being small bass, but pleased with the interest they’d shown in the lure).  Anyways as the fish started to dart, & flash around as I played it, I looked over to my right where my intended target was only to see a large plume of silt alongside the patch of Bladderwrack as the lone wolf hastily departed, it all happened in less than a minute……  I didn’t mind at all, & chuckled, as I said to myself “What can go wrong now Sean”, as I released the little bass with the big appetite who roll’s with a competing pack where interception ahead of it’s comrades is a daily routine, of course it had no idea of the theatre it had just had a part in, which added to the charm of the moment.

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