Bass Fishing Wexford

Two recaptures of tagged Wexford bass came lately from the same locations where they were originally tagged, the first was a Marine Institute fish, tag no. IRL 0151 , tagged 19-4-16 @51.5cm, recaptured 29-6-18 @53cm      DSC_0068     The second was B.02643 tagged by myself 22-6-17 @54cm, recaptured 4-7-18 @57cm, going by feedback from scale samples submitted for Wexford bass between 52-56cm are likely to be 10/11 years old @ 2007/8 year class.       If you come across a tagged fish take a moment to clean off the tag note the number (usually quicker to take a pic with your phone) measure it on a level surface with the tape under the fish to record the total length.

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