Bass Fishing Wexford

May 24th, 2018
Into Gear…..


The coast has been getting into gear the last week or two with water temps coming back in line, I’ve been enjoying my Sojourn’s with Fly through the spring (when it came) with Sea-Trout, & recently with Bass, Sandeels have been scarce enough so far compared to other years, but I’ve seen an increase in Elver’s (freshwater Eel young) along the Estuaries as they make their way to freshwater lodging’s for a year or two. Making my way along the coast I see Heron’s, Egret’s, Otter’s all seem in a state of Karma in the fine weather, as they let the sun’s rays massage away all the hardship of that long, long winter.   018 (Medium)  Anyways, I’ve been staying on the Fly, & getting some decent results on some Flies sourced at

Bass on Fly

Bass on Fly

Burk’s hot flash minnow, & this awesome Rainy’s Bubble head popper  have been doing the business, if you fluff chuckers only buy two flies this year buy them, you won’t be disappointed believe me, one cracking session this week I met 21 bass on those two flies on that always reliable tide the first quarter earlier this week. IMG_20180520_184141_167  Get out there & make the most of it.



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