Bass Fishing Wexford

May 3rd, 2018
No Surrender


The last week in April on the Wexford coast was very unforgiving for anglers, let alone fly anglers, with water temp still below average, strong water cooling winds changing direction up to three times a day, squally showers creating havoc dumping down heavy rain, large volumes of cold dirty water stalking the coast, it was going to take sheer bloody minded determination to winkle out some fish, a No Surrender attitude was needed for sure…. Top saltwater fly angler Doug Bomeisler, Florida, US, joined me for a few days in search of his first European Bass, & was under no illusions it was going to be tough with the conditions we were faced with, but he wasn’t put off, & took it all in his stride. We toured a few spots early evening that usually throw up some early fish when our spirits were lifted with the sight of a lot of birds working a couple of hundred yards offshore, & there was a chance they would come our way when the tide turned, we got set up both putting up my favored spring time flatwing “Sloopy Droopy” in yellow, it took a while but as the light started to fade Doug let out a shout, & was into his first Wexford bass, a couple of quick pic’s, & it darted away.



But it’s tough out there, believe me….

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