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March 16th, 2018
If the cap fit’s….


I doubt if there’s any creature let alone a fish that has as many different names, or alias’s as the Sea trout (Salmo Trutta), almost every region has a different name on them, far too numerous to list, but Sea run Brown is probably the most appropriate name for them considering the life cycle, & if the cap fits…..    These spotted pioneers of the great glacial retreat that had such an impact on shaping Ireland contained such a varied gene pool for one species, two fish from the same brood could either, eek out a living on a mountain stream, or stalk tidal rips out to sea, & take up residence in everybody of water along the way, streams, brooks, rivers, loughs, canals, estuaries, sea, such is the variety in the genes. (getting side tracked here)…. Genes, now that brings another train of thought to me in the form of Ferox trout, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding this other offshoot of Salmo Trutta that lurks in many loughs, & other large bodies of freshwater, but some behavior has been noted which struck a chord with me when I read it, that in loughs where sea trout, & salmon smolts descend on their way to sea, Ferox would congregate at the outlets of the loughs at certain times of the year when the smolt run was on. Now this struck a chord with me as I always remember well one of the old time netters of yester millenium (to feed his family, long departed now) who worked the shoreline mainly through the 80’s saying about the big “Cannibal Trout” that would turn up bang on time time when a lot of sea trout smolts were around after descending local estuaries mainly during April/May, he’d get these “Cannibal’s” in his net with sea trout smolts, & juvenile trout up 8″ in the throats, stomach’s of the cannibals, most of these trout were fish well in excess of double figures, of course there were more fish around back then,& maybe easier to prove, but, a Sea run Ferox in the gene pool?? Hhmmm, this pilgrim wouldn’t rule it out from Alias known as  Salmo trutta.

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