Bass Fishing Wexford

December 23rd, 2017


As the Sun sets on another season/year we reflect on the past one, & look forward to the next, new EU regs for 2018 are total catch, & release   I doubt if you’ll here any genuine C&R angler complaining, but horses for courses I guess… Working away from home at the moment, & only managing a few weekend heists when the weather plays ball,  Bass Fishing Wexford  water temp still decent enough, & the warmer days will have them in the surface layers. On the tagging front so far I’ve tagged just over 600, with 4 recaptures, 2 by me, all within yards of where they were first tagged, & recording very slow growth rates.                                                                                     Keep an eye out for any tagged Bass, you could easily miss the tag which is usually covered in algae growth….  Bass Fishing WexfordBass Fishing Wexford   Clean the tag, record the number, measure the bass on a level surface with the tape flat on the surface, forward info to the IFI.                                                                                                                            Anyways, as we pass the winter solstice, & look forward to the Xmass break, the earth keeps turning. Turning now at an angle to lengthen the days for 6 months, turning now start the whole cycle again. Only this morning this was brought home to me over my house, I watched a Buzzard soaring in its usual circular, peaceful fashion, until a pair of Ravens quickly set about driving it off in the aerial dogfight… only a couple of weeks ago it would have been totally ignored, but now with breeding just around the corner the territory boundaries are already being set….                                                                                         So Happy Xmass everybody, stay safe, & tight lines in 2018… Cheers Sean.

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