Bass Fishing Wexford

November 3rd, 2017
The Cobra strikes….


As Ireland returns to normality after the storms, scandals, strikes, etc….The sea is also coming back into form, temp still very good 13.7 c, yesterday (2-11-17), slightly up on this time last year when we had good fishing right through until the end of December, & mostly with surface lures, namely the Cobra.  Pugachev’s Cobra 90, from IMA is always my first option in calmer conditions, especially when light breezes put that “shimmer” across the surface, making conditions ideal IMHO…   DSC_0024      I’ve  brought them offshore in flat calm conditions, & had good results also, although it’s a fairly subtle WTD/slider type lure, you can make it splash to catch attention from afar, or depth, with sharp twitches with the rod held low will often liven things up during a dour spell… Anyways, things are shaping up nicely for some back, back end sport over the next few weeks, make the most of it, I will…Bass Fishing wexford

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