Bass Fishing Wexford

September 29th, 2017


Assembling, meetings, gatherings of prey fish should be of particular interest to Bass anglers, one such rendevous is when the Lesser or Raitt’s Sandeel gather to spawn. Lesser Sandeel reach maturity after 2/3 years, at @6″ in length, feed mainly on plankton in tidal currents, high activity periods are associated with strong tidal flows, & most importantly to the angler, it also spawns, where it feeds.   If you don’t know where they gather, feed, you’ll have to put in the time to work it out for yourself, boat, or kayak, will make it easier, birds often give the game away, study them, & note their movements.    I read in a few places that spawning takes place between Nov-Feb, but I’ve noted it taking place Sept, Oct, particularly on New moon springs, on the day, & both days each side of the new moon, on the flood tide, when the weather plays ball.    Bass Fishing Wexford       Bass of course are very opportunistic, prey fish preoccupied with spawning is a big attraction for them, & they will take full advantage of the bounty when it occurs.  Although, any size bass can show up, “Schoolie’s”, who are almost always the most prevalent over sand, & will make up the numbers, often coughing up Sandeel when being handled, released, a quick rub of your finger along the coughed up Sandeels underside will yield milt, or roe from the sandeels vent, giving away the purpose of the rendevous…. Try to keep your distance if your in a boat, or kayak, they’ll still depart if spooked, though sometimes it can be frustrating if your fishing onshore, & it’s all kicking off a couple of hundred yards out, but, be patient everything can change when the flow changes around slack water, or when the tide turns to bring the “Buffet” within striking range of the angler.   Keep an eye out for this Sandeel rendevous.  Remember, they spawn where they feed….Bass Fishing Wexford

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