Bass Fishing Wexford

September 15th, 2017
Happy Birthday ;)


I received an email from a German angler I met last September, the beginning of which went as follows…    Hi Sean, hope you a doing good, must be one year now when we met  Happy Birthday 😉                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Twelve months ago I was going about my business ironically with another German duo who fancied some offshore Bass fishing on their last day in Wexford, but unfortunatly I had to cancel due to a heavy sea fog, as they didn’t fancy some onshore fishing we said our goodbyes…                                                  I wasn’t too brokenhearted however as conditions came together perfectly overnight, & on the morning in question to attract some fish into an area that had been delivering at that time, I had a chance for some fishing for myself before the next guided crew landed. As I made my way towards the spot I met a group of German anglers whom I met a couple of days earlier at a different spot, we exchanged greetings, & spoke for a while about the fishing, there was eight in the group, six of them were in different spots the day before, done well & wanted to return there at a different stage of the tide, that left two of them Soren, & Rolf at a loose end for the morning, so I invited along with me for some topwater sport. We all arrived near the spot, & got our waders on, “What lure we need?” Soren asked, “Travel light, You’ll only need a WTD, slider, that you can cast 50-60 meters, we will need to keep our distance from the fish, or we’ll spook them” I replied.   Soren opted for a Duo Realis 110, I went for a Sakura Naja 125, the pair decided to share a rod as Rolf wanted to get some pics, after a brisk walk we were there. I pointed out where the fish would be, & crept into position for the first cast, the Naja landed perfectly on the the spot, went 3 m, was missed twice before getting smashed by a mid 50cm fish, my two guests looked at each other with broad grins, Soren pitched the Realis to the spot while I played out my fish….

Bass Fishing Wexford  A whoop of delight came from both of them as the Realis got smashed, both fish were in the 55-60cm bracket, a good start for sure, but what came was truly epic….Bass Fishing WexfordAfter taking a few pics Rolf was keen to get his hands on the rod, & sure enough next cast hes was into his first bass of the session…. Bass Fishing WexfordI was expecting good sport for maybe 30-45 mins at this stage of the tide, & maybe 10-15 Bass at best for two rods, after an hour bass after bass between 40-70cm still came, we all realized it was going to be something special, & it was. I hadn’t experienced anything like it for a while, I had to admit to them…..                 The pair were also very interested in the scale sampling, & tagging I was carrying out for the IFI Bass programme, after explaining all about the programme to them I was a little bit embarrassed, when after 20 mins when I ran out of tags…..Bass Fishing Wexford           That’s travelling light for you, I thought to myself…  I gave up counting my Bass after 30,  Soren, & Rolf matched me fish by fish every time with their rod, with multiple double hook ups…. Say 35 bass each rod x 2= 70+ bass, easily over that three, & a half hours, on the 16-9-16….                                                                       Happy Birthday 😉  was bang on……       Bass Fishing Wexford       I had three mega session’s in Sept 2016, that was the first, & most enjoyable for sure.  Lets see what comes along over the next three months this year….

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