Bass Fishing Wexford

September 1st, 2017
Still Waters run Deep


Still waters run deep, for sure, but deep water often runs cooler too. All fish have a hardwired instinct to react to water temp at different times of year, one thing that unsettles them is erratic changes over short periods of time, ei, hourly. Some time ago on the kayak (with a water temp device) I seen how the variation in water temp changes in some locations over the course of a tide at this time of year. The biggest change would be on locations with a large tidal range of exposed sand, or mud, that would radiate the sun’s heat to the water especially on the first of the flood, & to a lesser degree on the last of the ebb, is when the biggest temp variation occurs, albeit on shallow locations (<12′ @HW) where the water would be relatively fast moving water. Compare that first scenario to somewhat deeper rock marks with a steeper, narrower band between high, & low water marks, with a much slower tidal flow, resulting in less fluctuations in temp over the course of a tide, especially the halves each side of high water.  Bass Fishing Wexford I’ve never found it easy onshore at this time of year (Jul/Aug), the “Dog days of summer”, but by targeting the deeper, slow moving water marks will definitely improve you chances until the sea temp starts to cool, other cooling factors will also come into play too, eg, offshore winds, even a few consecutive overcast days, will increase your chances at this time of year. Bass Fishing Wexford   With time comes the experience to know the options to increase the chances of success at different times of the year. The same marks don’t always produce all though the season, water temp variation is a big factor when choosing your location at this time of year.

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