Bass Fishing Wexford

August 22nd, 2017
The Abyss…..


It can be very daunting starting off trying to crack the offshore haunts of Bass in seemingly featureless vast volumes of water. Many anglers think it’s easy to catch bass from a boat, it’s not, you still have to bring your A game, combined with stealth, & silence with your craft, the bass are every bit as wary as they are inshore. Nowadays decent sonar, & GPS devices are a great help in mapping an area, but you’ll still have to put in the hours, days, weeks, years, to put together some of the “Big picture” of bass movement in that area, knowing where they hold up, what direction they go under different conditions, eg, tide strength, flood, & ebb, wind, etc, is invariably what a guide should know.   Bass Fishing wexford     It’s also surprising how fast the bass shoal can move when chasing baitfish, usually Sprat in open water, an avian “Entourage” will often give away their presence as they track them across the expanses of water to pin them against structure, in an orgy of bass heads, & tails, but it all ends quickly, too quickly, but I still have some fond memories of late season last year……                                                                                          One of the biggest attractions for me in bass fishing is the many places, & methods it brings you, from stalking bass along a brackish creek one day, to throwing them a large surface lure 2 miles offshore the next…. No two day’s are ever the same.  Bass Fishing Wexford

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