Bass Fishing Wexford

July 14th, 2017
Perfect Storm…..


Ten days ago a very unique weather combination set a chain of events in motion, the out come of which had a lot of Sandeel running very close inshore, I’ve mentioned it before about knowing the ways of the Sandeel, & when you do, the paydays come…. It’s no secret that Bass have a penchant for Sandeel, but they have a particular liking for Sandeel in the 4″- 6″ bracket no doubt about it.    Bass Fishing Wexford          Tern’s, (who must be the bass anglers best friend) are a great indicator of their presence, & part of the “Entourage” that track them inshore.  Bass of all sizes were drawn in for the “Buffet”, mostly in the 50cm bracket, but a sprinkling of 60’s, & a couple in the 70’s, most fell for soft plastics, with a few off the surface to the mighty Pugachev Cobra. Bass Fishing Wexford Including the one above with a very peculiar eye…All fish were measured, tagged, & released for the National Bass Programme.

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