Bass Fishing Wexford

July 7th, 2017
Double agent…


Some great sessions over the last 7 days with surface lures, nothing like it for a waning “Mojo”, & the lust for early season silver is fully satisfied, more on that another time….   A cracking early morning session threw up a recapture of IRL0161 caught, & tagged by the Marine Institute on 24/04/16  Total length 66cm, & caught again by little old me, on 30/06/17  Total length 66cm, just yards from where the MI tagged it in South Wexford.  Sure there can be a very small discrepancy with plastic tape measure’s issued by the IFI bass programme of maybe half a centimeter, but it does show how slow growing sexually mature fish are.    The fish was also tagged again with  IFI tag B02155  making it a “Double agent” as it works for both the Irish agencies recording data on Bass in Ireland.      Bass Fishing Wexford DSC_0005 (1)  If you come across a tagged bass simply remove the algae from the tag to reveal the number, make a note of it, measure the fish, & notify the relevant agency.  It’s fairly well known that a small ( in relation to the numbers tagged ) amount of Bass have returned to the area where they were tagged, but it hasn’t shown us an overall “Big picture” yet, the places this fish could have visited could put a sea-trout to shame…. There’s a lot we have to learn, & understand about their ranges, which could take a decade, or more…..
Bass Fishing Wexford

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