Bass Fishing Wexford

June 29th, 2017
En Vogue….again.


Metals, jigs, pirks, etc, call them what you will have been enjoying a comeback over the last couple of years no doubt about it, and with good reason. They can be adapted to suit whatever situation your faced with, with minimum fuss, easy to handle, & cheap as chips. You can bring them to the surf, flows, jigging deep, to find bass no prob’s. There’s plenty to choose from these days, with some great finishes on them, to flutter, & flash, a far cry from what many seasoned bass anglers would have got their first bass on. Back in the 80’s German sprat, Toby’s, Koster’s, Krill, were all en vogue then for the simple reason that’s all there was, plugs were still very much in their infancy in the salt, and were difficult to get any distance with 8 – 10lb mono, the only other option was the Eddystone eel used with a large bubble float. That generation must look back with bitter sweet memories I reckon, 4/5 hours of throwing them with a 9/10 ft carp rod and you were knackered for a day or so afterwards. I got my first bass back in August 1977 on a red, & silver Mackerel spinner, 6 ft solid fiber glass rod, I was 11 at the time but still remember that day as if it was last week, as that “schoolie” was skull dragged up the bank, and I finally got my hands on the mythical Bass, that up until then was only a mythical ghost of local folklore to me….

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