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June 8th, 2017
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Apologies for the pic, but its still worth a look. I took the pic in late April 2016, at first I put the Mullets lacerations (all between 1″-2″ in length) down to a skirmish with an Otter, but after meeting up with a local bird watcher I came away with a different point of view, & solved a mystery in Mullet behavior that’s testament to their intelligence, & eye sight….


Golden Grey

During the many hours I spent wondering why the Mullet, usually Thick lipped, were totally ignoring a Fly that days before they took with relish (by Mullet standards).   I noted how the shoal would “Flinch” when a bird would fly over…. Sure, they will be spooked by anything coming within close range at speed, or a shadow crossing them, for sure, I don’t mean that. What I’m talking about is when any bird overhead, at a height of maybe 25-30 ft, usually on dull, overcast days when the fishes eyesight is at its very best, would see the shoal “Flinch”, to send the warning through the shoal, this remained a mystery until I met with the local “Twitcher”….



“Osprey’s pass through in Spring, & Autumn, usually April, & October on their way North”, he’s spotted them a few times, wrestling with Mullet over the last decade during that migration period. He also reckoned the Mullet very often got away from those merciless talons, not surprising to anyone who knows how powerful Mullet are… The Mullet with the battle scars in the first pic was around 5lbs, the average Osprey is around 4lbs, other fish species of the same size would have no doubt been overpowered by the bird, but it meets its match with a Mullet IMHO…    OspreyI reckon the Osprey that struck it will go for something a bit smaller next time, & that Mullet will definitely be keeping an eye on the sky. It’s testament to the Mullets intelligence, & eyesight, which makes them such a challenging target.      And another mystery solved for me….      Thick Lipped Mullet

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