Bass Fishing Wexford

May 2nd, 2017


Concentration. Confidence. Stealth. Persistence. Hugh Falkus in his timeless classic  Sea Trout Fishing highlighted the need for those assets in an angler, especially an angler of Sea Trout. Though the book is mostly about his freshwater exploits with the species, he gives a first class insight into the traits needed within the angler for success in the salt too. I’ve owned a copy for some 20 years plus, & still give it a read every couple of years.

Sea Trout release

Sea Trout release

The latest wonder lure’s, flies, come, & go every year, and catch more out of the water than in it…. Never forget the best Assets you’ll ever have in your quest for “Salty’s” are, Concentration, Confidence, Stealth, Persistence.

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