Bass Fishing Wexford

March 21st, 2017
Tic Toc


As time, & tide start to eat into 2017 as we pass the Spring equinox, its time to make some moves on the coast, after working away from home for the last 3 months it was good to get back again. Back again to walk the shores on spring morns of long sunrises, through pockets of mist, hearing the heron’s “craawwk”, the pungent smell of the dog otters boundary.  Does this savage love his native shore, Yes he does…..



The focus for me in spring is always Sea-Trout, though the sea temp is fairly warm compared to other years at this time, it still takes a gradual rise in sea temp to get things going, which will all happen very, very shortly.  I’m still putting together some dates for “Salty Pilgrims” so give a shout if your interested in joining me. PS/ If your looking for some reading on sea trout you can download the report from the Celtic Sea Trout Project here   CSTP report    more later.

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