Bass Fishing Wexford

April 28th, 2016
am Glory…..


Morning glory, was the story with “Salty’s” when the Easterly siege finally lifted. I wasn’t fooled into thinking they weren’t around because they weren’t showing, many are still in conserving energy mode, and won’t waste energy jumping with fodder still being very patchy. The day before there wasn’t a sign of a Sandeel, Gannet, or Seal but all that changed when the Easterly abated, and changed the landscape almost overnight.  A rare day of Sun, and after a long sunset the orange western sky finally gave way a warm overcast night, and had almost everything right for an early morning assault……                                                                                                                                                        A quick scan around at sunrise to see which player’s were here, sure enough five  Gannets could be seen from afar, scanning the “Salty’s” incoming route.  Sandeel’s glistened in the strengthening morning sun along the waters edge, as we move into position……        032    Covering the “Glassy” flow’s, and likely “Lies”, with stealthy anticipation with tried, + trusted lure, + fly….  Tic toc, tic toc….The morning sun was just warming my face when a jolt of energy came up the line, true to decades of form,  Cometh the HOUR, Cometh the FISH….

Thrice, chrome, sheeny, “Salty” beauty’s between 55-60 cm, in quick succession, two to lure, one to Fly, all fighting fit, + all released to fight again……   As the tide swung a few more showed their selves before departing, betraying their “Lies”, and noted for the next assault….   We watched as three seals arrived at the “Salty’s” outgoing route, mingling among submerged rocks, taking up positions, patiently waiting for their chance of an ambush….. Morning’s have always given me the best sport with “Salty” Sea-Trout, and I think they always Will….




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