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  • Very busy lately preparing for the new season, and working with the Marine Institute catching, and tagging bass at various locations around co.Wexford, the Marine Institute carries out research for government bodies, and advises accordingly on conservation measures.                                   […]

  •   There is nothing more addictive than fishing for bass with surface lures, the images of the bass hitting, missing, smashing your lures stays in your memory for a long time, the antics of bass chasing, striking at the lure are both breath taking + heart stopping, it can be real Tom+Jerry cartoon capers at […]

  • Guided Sessions

    December 18th, 2012
    Guided Sessions

    Be it Bass, Sea-Trout, Mullet, etc we will be targeting you will need studded or felt soled wading boots, good quality breathable water-proof clothing, be prepared for brisk walks to get to some very isolated locations. I will often use my small boat (Linder 140) to get us to various isolated locations, its also very […]

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