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  • Very busy lately preparing for the new season, and working with the Marine Institute catching, and tagging bass at various locations around co.Wexford, the Marine Institute carries out research for government bodies, and advises accordingly on conservation measures.                                   […]

  • Bucktail’s, Have been around for a long time, and I’m sure they have accounted for a lot of fish all over the world.                               Simple in design, + easy to use, its a mystery why they are not more popular.   […]

  •   There is nothing more addictive than fishing for bass with surface lures, the images of the bass hitting, missing, smashing your lures stays in your memory for a long time, the antics of bass chasing, striking at the lure are both breath taking + heart stopping, it can be real Tom+Jerry cartoon capers at […]

  • Estuary Nomads

    July 18th, 2014
    Estuary Nomads

    Every season I like to target the fish in different ways, back last season I made a decision to use my Linder 410 more in estuary systems coming + going with the tides. The Linder 410, is very light and easily managed when launching + loading from different slipways, fitted with a Yamaha 5hp, and […]

  • I was looking for another lure option for fast tidal flows for a while and after reading some of Keith Whites blogs I thought I would try the “super strike, super n fish”, so I tried Mick at MR.FISH, he sent me on a few of the 28 gr OLV. I set one up on […]

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