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  • On releasing a Sea-Trout this week it was again brought home to me the immense pressure from its natural predators it endures. Whilst unhooking it we noted the scars on its flanks healed, and fresh. I looked back on some notes I took on catches made during the Celtic Sea Trout Project where it was […]

  • With the dawn of the Sea-Trout season on the horizon (Mar 17) its time to start preparing for the challenge ahead.  By no means an easy target, with many sessions more of a pilgrimage, that will test an anglers mettle to the limit.                         […]

  • The salty’s no.1 nemesis must surely be the alien like sea louse, who have been able to track down the salmonid family member’s for thousand’s of year’s in the vastness of the ocean…….                                              […]

  •   If you have ever had a great sea-trout session, and seen plenty of them jumping for long periods and could not figure out why? Maybe you can put it down to the solunar theory. In short the theory was realized by John Alden Knight back in 1926, he seen patterns emerging on fish activity, […]

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