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  • Rendevous

    September 29th, 2017

    Assembling, meetings, gatherings of prey fish should be of particular interest to Bass anglers, one such rendevous is when the Lesser or Raitt’s Sandeel gather to spawn. Lesser Sandeel reach maturity after 2/3 years, at @6″ in length, feed mainly on plankton in tidal currents, high activity periods are associated with strong tidal flows, & […]

  • The Abyss…..

    August 22nd, 2017
    The Abyss…..

    It can be very daunting starting off trying to crack the offshore haunts of Bass in seemingly featureless vast volumes of water. Many anglers think it’s easy to catch bass from a boat, it’s not, you still have to bring your A game, combined with stealth, & silence with your craft, the bass are every […]

  • When conditions dictate along an estuary between May – mid July, you’ll stand a good chance of spotting a few bass rooting through bladder wrack, around boulders, etc, in search of shore crab, mostly in the sheltered, quieter regions of the system. You will have to put in the time, without doubt, but with stealth, […]

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