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  • March 1st, 2018   Some interesting info in the download (Technical Report), but there’s still a lot we don’t know, & probably never will….They will still carry much of their “Mystique” for some time yet, which holds a lot charm, & intrigue for me at least.

  • Au revoir Itchy Fins….

    June 24th, 2016
    Au revoir Itchy Fins….

    Thinking back about those early Spring mornings through March/April setting up Fly, & Lure rods with freezing cold hands seems like a decade ago now, as we enjoy some reasonably fine weather in Wexford latley. We had a longer than usual season on “Salty’s” with the cooler than normal Spring, and fairly dominant Northerly air […]

  • Against the odd’s…

    May 19th, 2016
    Against the odd’s…

    I snapped the young Sea-Trout in the middle of the pic above late last month, this one was on it’s own, but there were many others on a certain stretch, in all I counted roughly between 50-60, in shoals of 10-12, or 3-4, & a few solitary smolts all between 4-6″ in length. Most had […]

  • am Glory…..

    April 28th, 2016
    am Glory…..

    Morning glory, was the story with “Salty’s” when the Easterly siege finally lifted. I wasn’t fooled into thinking they weren’t around because they weren’t showing, many are still in conserving energy mode, and won’t waste energy jumping with fodder still being very patchy. The day before there wasn’t a sign of a Sandeel, Gannet, or […]

  • The Three Spined Stickleback has made itself at home all along every Estuary system in Southern Ireland, it can go from fresh to salt water on an hourly basis, but favoring the Brackish water with plenty of cover to conceal itself in. They will “roll” with any other small fish in the system, eg young […]

  • On The Ground….

    March 11th, 2016
    On The Ground….

    Anyone who ever made any inroads into “Salty Trout” angling did so by putting in a lot time, and hard yards “On The Ground”, so to speak, usually over decades often on a solitary quest. Determination, was their best asset by far, and didn’t give in to frustration, but instead admired their quarry, even when […]

  • On releasing a Sea-Trout this week it was again brought home to me the immense pressure from its natural predators it endures. Whilst unhooking it we noted the scars on its flanks healed, and fresh. I looked back on some notes I took on catches made during the Celtic Sea Trout Project where it was […]

  • The salty’s no.1 nemesis must surely be the alien like sea louse, who have been able to track down the salmonid family member’s for thousand’s of year’s in the vastness of the ocean…….                                              […]

  •   If you have ever had a great sea-trout session, and seen plenty of them jumping for long periods and could not figure out why? Maybe you can put it down to the solunar theory. In short the theory was realized by John Alden Knight back in 1926, he seen patterns emerging on fish activity, […]

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